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About PR Vending Pty(Ltd)

PR Vending (Pty) Ltd has been vending since 1994, and is proud to say that we are one of the largest privately owned Vending Companies in South Africa. P.R. Vending (Pty) Ltd is a member of V.A.S.A (Vending Association of South Africa) and a Nestle and Coca-Cola appointed operator.

Company Profile

PR VENDING is part of The PR Vending Group and has been vending since 1994. We are proud to say that we are one of the largest privately owned Vending Companies in South Africa. The PR Vending Group is a member of VASA (Vending Association of South Africa) and a Nestle and Coca-Cola appointed operator.

PR VENDING can offer you the widest range of when, where and what you can vend. We are currently vending Coca-Cola, Appetizer, Just Juice, Willards, Simba, Biltong, Nestl�, Cadbury and many more products.

PR VENDING can introduce you to a Vending Machine on a 30-day trial period, before deciding whether the machine will be viable for both parties. (Conditions apply).

More about Victor Matooane:

Director of PR Vending (Pty) Ltd and author of the book, "Before you invest in your first vending machine".

It started with one vending machine. Now, he has over 1 000. Scientist Victor Matooane left his position at the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to become an entrepreneur and take on his burgeoning business full-time.

Mr Victor Matooane

Four years later, his machines are at Massmart stores around the country, as well as other key locations. His business is third largest after Coco-Cola and Nestle, and it's the biggest private vending machine in South Africa, enjoying a 65% share of the market.

The day everything changed
Matooane went from being PR Vending’s biggest customer to its owner in December 2005. The purchase of the R10-million company required a sizeable bank loan, and as Matooane puts it: “Massmart’s contribution was a key decider in concluding this mult-million-rand deal. I had Massmart’s business before I applied for the loan, and with it I showed the bank I could cover the repayments.” “When I first applied, I put everything I had down as collateral, including my house and the 360 vending machines PR Vending and I had at the time. At first, the bank had many requirements for me to meet. I changed PR Vending from a closed corporation (cc) to a PTY Ltd. I had to meet monthly targets and bank representatives would come to the premises to conduct unannounced inspections. Six months later, they stopped coming,” Matooane says. “These days when the bank calls, it’s to invite me to lunch.”

Business philosophy: gratitude
Matooane’s success comes from his desire to grow his business and his gratitude to those who have helped him. “Jacques Pierre, then at Builders Warehouse Centurion, gave us our first major break. After that, I wrote a letter to Massmart's CEO at the time, Mark Lamberti, who responded to me within two days. This led to a meeting with Joe Owens, Gert Lourens, Norman Kretzmer and Alex Rymaszewski. I ordered a cool drink at the beginning of that meeting and by the time it arrived, the deal was struck,” Matooane recalls. “I drank my cool drink in the car.” “I am grateful to so many wonderful Massmart people: Ed Borcher, Mark and Jean Cotty, Joss Mathabela, Jaco Henrico, Isaac Motoko, Hugh MacCloughan, Brian Leroni, Grant Pattison…” his list is endless.

Going for growth
Matooane’s strategy is to grow his business ahead of 2010, when South Africa will host the Soccer World Cup. He wants his vending machines in key locations such as airports, hotels and stadiums. “Last week, I bought a vending business company for R1,5-million. Tomorrow, I’m buying another one for R2,3- million,” Matooane says. “In this business you either grow, or get out. There’s no room for complacency.” Being at the right place at the right time has been part of Matooane’s success in the past. He introduced his vending machines into traffic department sites just as South African legislation required all drivers to apply for new credit card style drivers’ licences. “You should have seen the queues,” Matooane recalls with a smile. “I started this business with my two young daughters, Mamello and Katleho, as partners. I had read a book about building wealth and realised that although I had an MBA and a keen interest in entrepreneurship, I still worked for a salary. So, I bought our first machine to help my daughters earn their own money and teach them about money management.” Today he eyes the future, knowing that what his company achieves and the lessons they all learn will carry them forward.

Looking to the future
“There are some outstanding Massmart outlets still to join the PR Vending family in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern and Western Cape,” says Matooane. “When all is said and done, we will be the best vending machine operator partner with Massmart for years to come.”

Profile published by Personal Best Magazine. page 11, issue 7 ,2007.
Titled: "Massmart helps visionary grow his business"

Our Services

PR VENDING will be responsible for all technical services on the Vending Machines.

PR VENDING will have their Tollfree number clearly displayed on all Vending Machines, and therefore handle all customer complaints directly from our Call Center.

PR VENDING will stock these machines on a regular basis.