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Invest in your own vending business

My Name is Victor Matooane (B.Sc. M.Sc. (USA) MBA, Entrepreneurship (Pretoria)). I began my career in vending in August 2002 with one vending machine. In 2005 we acquired PR Vending Pty Ltd for millions of Rands, with the help of a term loan from ABSA Bank, Kempton Park branch. One of the key requirements from the bank was to submit a winning business plan.

In 2009 I was elected an executive committee member of the Vending Association of South Africa (VASA).
Today PR Vending is one of the biggest privately owned vending operators in South Africa. Along the way we have acquired a number of vending companies, again paying millions in cash, and making more people millionaires.
We are on track to have branches in all the provinces of South Africa and beyond. We operate from Pomona Road in Kempton Park, Gauteng Province. We have appointed operators on our behalf in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

This is not about Making Money (Making money is illegal in South Africa). It is about Customer Service.
The only people allowed making money in South Africa work at the SA Mint in Midrand, Gauteng Province. The rest of us have to earn money.
We work, create, mutually exchange goods and service and money follows. Quality and quantity of service we render and money we earn is as a result. We want to continue increasing our service and goods so that we can grow.

Invitation to invest in yourself

This is an invitation to all honest, hard working individuals with a winning attitude to join us. Our goal is to expand the vending industry to all corners of the country; create both direct and indirect jobs and self employment. It is our belief that with some guidance we can assist you to transform your winning attitude into results and make you a winner and even a champion.
If running your own business, part time or full time, is and has been one of your priorities; up there with your faith, health, family, friends, pension, financial freedom; and some other goals, then this opportunity is applicable to you.
You are free to involve your spouse/partner, your children, brothers and sisters, friends and associates, please pass it on.
However, if running your own business is not yet one of your main goals, please give us the benefit of the doubt to give you information that might change your priorities.
“If you don’t like the status quo, change the status of your thinking and the “old quo” is gonna be all right!”

History of the Vending Machine

The first vending machine in recorded history is found in the work of Hero of Alexandria, an engineer and a mathematician, in ancient Egypt around 100 BC. This machine accepted a coin and dispensed a fixed amount of holy water. “When the coin was deposited, it fell upon a pan attached to a lever. The lever opened up a valve which let some water flow out. The pan continued to tilt with the weight of the coin until it fell off, at which point a counter-weight would snap the lever back up and turn off the valve.” The modern version of the vending machine came from London, England in the early 1880s. These machines dispensed post cards. Around 1888 vending machines were introduced to the United States selling chewing gum on train platforms. Advances in electronics and computer innovation have pushed vending machine technology to a point where some vending machines can accept payment from a variety of sources, credit cards, bank notes, products charged to cell phones. Sales can be monitored on the internet plus provision of surveillance by camera technology. Most modern vending machines have a lifetime of over twenty years. This is about the same term as most home loans. If you can imagine your home putting cash in your pocket every day, you get the picture. This is not a training course with a certificate of attendance at the end. The only certificate you will get is how much money you and your vending machine will generate every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, website receives requests for information on how to start a vending machine business.

• What are the requirements?
• What are the costs?
• What are the options?
• What are the risks?

These are some of the usual frequently asked questions.

While these questions are pertinent, the other important questions should be about you.

• What is your measure of success?
• Are you optimistic?
• Are you grateful?
• What are your goals in life?

We will get to know you if you stay the course with us.
Price is once off. Costs follow once the price has been paid.
Most quality products have a price but cost very little over the product lifetime.

“Cheap things are not good and good things are not necessarily cheap.”

Or as Afrikaans friends would say:
“Goedkoop koop is duurkoop.”

In return for your investment we will support you in the following:

• Open your eyes to opportunities around you
• Share our specialised knowledge through a booklet “Before you invest in the first vending machine”
• The value of this booklet is R420.00.

In vending business terms, this is less than the equivalent turnover from two boxes of potato crisps retailing at R5.00; or two and half cases of coca-cola retailing at R7.00. Vending machines on good sites generate this money within a day or two. With an average life of twenty years per vending machine this investment is worth while in the greater scheme of things.

After you have read the booklet we will:

• Assist you to write a business plan unique and applicable to your chosen area of operation. This is a separate investment.
• Refer our prospective customers to you, where applicable
• Refer you to sellers of vending machines already on sites, where applicable
• Give you access to service providers in the vending industry
• Where applicable, invite you to join our franchise and grow the vending industry.

Vending Products

Our products are well known international consumer brands.

• Ice cold Coca-Cola products
• Mouth watering chocolates by Nestlé, Cadbury and Beacon
• Fresh Simba, Lays/Fritos and Willards crisps
• And a host of other delicious goodies.

Prospective Clients Referrals

We have more customers than we can assist. We are unable to meet all our customer requests, to place vending machines on their sites.
This presents an opportunity for you to test your skills and grow your business from our referrals. We also have access to services providers in the vending industry. (Technicians, coin mechanisms and note validators, spare parts etc.)
Before we refer any entrepreneur to clients who we cannot assist, we would like to make an effort to equip the entrepreneur with the necessary knowledge and improve his/her chances of success.

Your investment journey is divided into three phases.

Phase One begins with the booklet called “Before you invest in the first vending machine”. This is a stand alone investment.
Phase Two is an assignment designed to populate the business plan table of contents with information applicable to you and your area. The investment in phase two is separate. At the end of phase two, you should now be able to act and invest in your first vending machine and be on your way.
Phase Three is for those who stayed the course and are ready to join the Vending business family as franchise holders, where applicable. By now you should be able to make this investment because the results would be there for you to see.
This is a three phase investment process with the sequence one, two and three.
The booklet is a stand alone information pack. It is competitively priced. It is an initial investment in knowledge and know-how before the big investment in that first vending machine.
This booklet is limited to vending machines which dispense:
• Cold drinks
• Snacks, chocolates and potato crisps
• And a combination of the above two.

Cigarettes, coffee and other products are not included.

The price of a vending machine can be as high as R70,000.00 (seventy thousand rand) or as low as R10,000.00 (ten thousand rand).
The booklet is priced to attract only serious investors/entrepreneurs who have what it takes to succeed in this game. We are optimistic that you will join us.

Enjoy the journey; see you at the top!

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